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but i have to. we love your talent, both of you, unfortunately, gurpreet, we won't be say staying and nick, you're with us. gurpreet, take care, really. >> ryan: nick makes it, gurpreet, we say goodbye to him but we will never forget him for being a part of our show on, and the fun and charm and spirit that he brought to the program. nick. you got that last stool. nick, come on over, join the gang, gurpreet, good luck to you. we'll see you later. america, take a look. there you have it. this is your top 20, ladies and gentlemen.
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you can start voting on these faces beginning next week. tuesday, it will be the girls. wednesday, it will be the guys. and then thursday your top 10 will be revealed. that means the other 10 will have to head home. it's a big week in the competition and it begins tuesday at 8:00, o'clock central. judges, thank you very much. great run here, thank you, everybody, thank you for watching, your local news is next. one more time, your top 20. good night, everybody. ♪ [cheering] ♪ ♪
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friends and family light candles at the spot with a man was fatally shot today. tonight they're questioning whether his attacker was released too quickly out of jail or the hospital. good evening i'm frank somerville. >> and i'm julie haener. deborah villalon is live now where some are saying the
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attacker may have been an early release inmate. >> reporter: this neighborhood is not high crime and you can see that tonight there's a small memorial to the young man who lost his life here. >> everybody loved him. everybody everybody loved him. >> reporter: loved ones are stunned at the killing of christopher armstrong. avid baseball player, professional cook, community college student. >> free spirited. just funny, he was the person i would go to to talk to. >> reporter: candles burn on the spot where armstrong fell about 1:00 this afternoon in front of a friend's house down the street from his own. that friend says chris had arrived to help him with some chores, accompanied by a homeless man who had recently shown up in the neighborhood. >> they actually walked down here together and helped me start cleaning the garage. >> reporter: but when medrano
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went to the store, armstrong stabbed him. >> he was a little weird for us -- weird to us, but he made us feel bad for him. i don't know, i don't know why. >> reporter: friends are wondering if he was an early release from jail or a mental hospital. >> we asked and he was an early release from napa. >> reporter: two others were shooting deaths, one gun related one drug related. >> the real issue is violent crime just seems the violent crime is out of control not just here in vallejo, everywhere. >> reporter: this time violence took a 27-year-old who friends say will be missed. strong hearted, kindhearted person you know. like you said he was like my best friend. >> reporter: the suspect ran
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after the stabbing but was captured a few blocks away. police thank the public for bringing a quick arrest. deborah villalon, ktvu news. 26-year-old amar harris was arrested today in los angeles. this is his booking photo. police say harris shot oakland rapper kenneth cherry jr. while cherry was driving his masarotti on the vegas strip. he crashed into a taxi killing cherry, the taxi driver and a man in the cab. harris is a self-described pimp. he is expected to be arraigned next tuesday. officials announced this
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afternoon when and where a public memorial will take place for the two detectives killed this week on the line of duty. maureen naylor is live with the details on that and new information about the shooting that was revealed today, maureen. >> reporter: here at the blue lagoon bar a fundraiser is just starting to raise money for the fallen officers families. meanwhile the memorial will take place to remember those detectives. the memorial set for next thursday will take here at the kaiser permanente arena. thousands of law enforcement and community members are expected to honor the two officers gunned down on the line of duty on tuesday. >> we have a tough week ahead of us. the lain detectives were shot by the suspect after two
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minutes of interviewing him through the door. >> he ambushed, taking them both down within seconds. >> reporter: so fast they never had time to call for help. the house with two addresses has doors on either side. this retiree says the detectives in plain clothes stopped him just before they were gunned down. >> reporter: you could see their guns? >> yes i could, i could see their badges too. i could see they were police officers. i had no ea. but the female officer mentioned to me they were trying to contact a suspect inside the house and he would not answer the door. >> reporter: signs of support are all over the street. the hugs lasted extra long today where police dispatchers came here for a briefing. >> we know there was nothing we could do to have prevented this. we've reviewed it and there's nothing we could have done to
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have saved cindy and butch. >> reporter: maureen naylor, ktvu news. more details now on that memorial planned for next week. it is set for 11:00 a.m. at the kaiser permanente arena and it is open to the public. a woman was hit by a train. the accident happened this afternoon near san francisco state. the victim was rushed to san francisco general. munni said the driver of the m ocean view train has been placed on nondriving status per policy. the president is set to meet with congressional leaders in the senate. the gop wanted the same $8 million in cuts but would have let the president choose where to make them.
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democrats wanted 55 million in cuts and 55 billion in new tax revenue. after repeated dire warnings about the sequester, the president today defended himself against critics who say he's exaggerating. >> you've heard from a number of experts and economists that this is not a cliff but it is a tumble downward. >> reporter: the president explained that it could take weeks for people to feel the impact of sequestration. if congress comes up with a new budget by march 27 it could eliminate some of those cuts. the obama white house made his tpreu as -- history as it joined the legal battle of same- sex marriage. the brief contends the voter approved ban on same-sex marriage is discriminatory. and it says prop eight violates equal protection law along with the u.s. constitution. >> there's no doubt that the tide is shifting and there is no doubt that the supreme court
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feels that tide and i think it is going to be influenced by it. efforts to reach prop eight supporters today were unsuccessful. the supreme court will take up the issue on march 26 with the ruling expected in june. clint eastwood joined the chorus of people who want the supreme court to overturn prop eight. 278 companies including hp and google urged the court to strike down the federal defense of marriage act. evacuations are under way tonight in a southern california neighborhood where a brush fire is threatening a number of homeless. that fire has already burned up to 75 acres in rancho erupa. people in near by homes are now being ordered to evacuate. it's not clear how many residents are affected by the order. at the moment, the fire is only
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about 20% contained. authorities say power lines are down in the area, although it's not clear if that's what sparked the fire. and in vacaville, a four alarm fire today destroyed a trailer. happened about 3:30 this afternoon on maple road near leisure town road. the solano county fire department said the fire started inside the trailer and spread to a near by barn. the trailer's owner told the vacaville reporter newspaper that the fire was sparked by a cutting torch, no one was injured. on this last day of february, state officials have announced we have just been through the driest january and february on record. as ken pritchett explains there's a need for more snow and rain but the outlook is not as bleak as you might think. >> reporter: the snow pack measured by state water officials today near echo summit west of tahoe was low, as expected. even lower than last month. >> even though we gained a little snow we didn't gain as much as we should have.
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so our percent of average dropped by 12%. >> reporter: the snow pack measured 66% of historical average. that's the amount of snow pack that can be typically seen on this day. while the snow has been light in the sierra, the same can also be said of the rain such as in marin county. >> we have had a dry january and february as well. in fact, we have had a record low this year for january and february of 2.07-inches. and our records go back to 1879. >> reporter: michelle with the municipal water district says its reservoirs are at 97% capacity after heavy rainfall. statewide three of californians reservoirs are at normal. fulsome lake is 100% of the historical average for this day. in marin despite a record dry start to the year the outlook is good. >> if we have average march and april we will look good and
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actually if we have below average we will still be in good shape. >> reporter: while more storms rolling off of the pacific would be accurate, that changes if we continue to see low snow and rainfall totals for a series of years. in marin county, ken pritchett, ktvu channel 2 news. and it has been a dry january and a dry february in the bay area and in the mountains. check out december, remember how wet that was. 158% of average. san jose was 144% of average. january we only had five days of rain. not heavy at that. three days of rain in february. and where does that leave us, we're way down. 85% of average right now in santa rosa. san jose just 71% of average. so rainfall and snowfall way off from now. when i come back we'll be talking about the long range forecast which does show a little bit of rain.
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benedict xvi says goodbye. >> this is an eyesore, it's annoying. >> the incentive for whoever cleans it up for good. and remains for one, how long it was there and how it was found.
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they say it's more than
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just an eyesore, community activists have organized a trash tour to show us the potential hazards created bid trash dumping. patti lee has how hard that could be. >> reporter: this block of mlk has been identified as one of the worse illegal dumping sites in oakland this week. that is a dubious distinction that constantly changes as illegal dumpers target new locations. mostly wide streets like this one that are poorly lit at night. old matted mattresses, furniture, piles of dirty clothes. it looks like a city dump. but it's actually a well traveled city street across from a popular park. >> it's all over oakland, especially west oakland. it doesn't matter where you go. you can call, they might clean that one block up and it'll be right back there the next day. >> reporter: illegal dumping is not a new problem in oak land. but it's a growing one. >> people over there are saying there's rats off in here.
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>> reporter: west oakland activist shirley bernel was so disgusted by the streets that she invited city leaders for a up close tour. >> we are not going to take it, we are going to be in their faces to make sure they do their job. >> reporter: the city of oakland may consider implementing a pilot program. that program spreads the responsibility of clean up across several agencies. >> it's a tough problem and there's no one solution. >> we used to have a crew that would go out and set up traps and cameras. so now we've been working with neighborhoods to try to set up permanent cameras. >> reporter: oakland's mayor says the city is city is doing what it can with its resources. but bernal believes that they could be doing more on duty.
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>> the police are out there all the time. at night and day if you see somebody dumping, turn them in. >> reporter: right now this gentleman is trying to consolidate the trash out here. but mayor quan told us today that the city is asking residents to report dumpers by snapping photos of license plates but some activists says that just another example of the city asking the public to do its job. reporting live in oakland, patti lee, ktvu channel 2 news. the city of oakland is renewing its fight to keep open the nation's largest medical marijuana dispensary. oakland is appealing a city ruling that found the city did not have legal standing to fight on behalf of harbor side medical center. the city center is trying to shut down the dispensary. the city says it filed a lawsuit last december calling that effort unlawful. alameda county sheriff are
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completing an investigation surrounding a human skull. the bone had been in the creek for at least a year. he says crime lab technicians searched the area and found many other bones but those appear to be animal bones. we now know the name of the man who was struck and kill -- killed by a hit-and-run driver yesterday. he was walking on montgomery drive about 1:00 yesterday afternoon when he was hit. witnesses remember seeing a black four door car speeding away. officers say that car will likely have front end damage. >> benedict said one last goodbye to the cardinals and he promised his unconditional
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obedience to the new pope. he then boarded a helicopter and flew to his residence. swiss guards closed the thick wooden doors of the summer residence signaling the end of pope benedict's papacy. the pope also sent out one final tweet, he offered his thanks for the love and support he's received. then that tweet and all the pope's previous ones were deleted and the site was closed down. the pope had 1.6 million followers on twitter. the significance of today's resignation was certainly on the mind of many bay area catholics. john sasaki spoke to catholics
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from all throughout the state. >> we're here this morning to pray for our pope benedict xvi. >> reporter: a mass wishing pope benedict a fond farewell as he became the first sitting pope to resign in 600 years. >> the resignation is an act of faith. it is an act of faith that the risen christ is always with the new church. >> reporter: the faithful in san francisco say they will miss their now former leader. >> i think he was a wonderful pope. i think it's a nice way to recognize each pope and a good time to go to mass and reflect. >> reporter: the church will have no pope until all the cardinals under 80 years old will meet as a conclave. perhaps a cardinal from africa, south america or the united states will rise to the top. >> it's an exciting motion because we wait for that white smoke to come. >> reporter: white smoke is the sign that a new pope has been chosen. >> reporter: at asisi students
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were doing a class project but the pope was still on their mind. >> i never thought he would resign. i was very shocked. >> as did the pope's predecessor. >> i'm sure he knew what was best, i don't think he would do anything crazy. >> reporter: as only a 13-year- old could put it. john sasaki, ktvu news. it's very warm out there for february. the last day. 71 in santa rosa, high temperatures on friday are coming up a couple of degrees. so we're going to see warm temperatures maybe some mid- 70s. so you'll notice it tomorrow. starts off kind of cool. we have all these clouds streaming to the north. the focus of the rain see how the to skwrebgt -- trajectory
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all of the white. that's how it stays for the bay area weekend. plenty of sunshine along the coast. we have a ton of coastal fog so it's right there along the golden gate bridge. coastal fog could be an issue. overnight lows, mild. we'll have the next chance of rain in your neighborhood coming up. today marked the grand opening of a new job training center in oakland. the center is part of the city core charter school which provides former high school drop outs with an opportunity to earn their diplomas. the training center aims to provide students with crucial work experience, vocational kilns and industry recognized sert -- vocational skills and industry recognized certifications. a process you will see only on 2 as guns bought back begin a transformation. >> also the fare hike approve bid the b.a.r.t. board and why some passengers will have to pay up more than once.
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new information tonight that authorities hope may help identify human remains found in san mateo county. a hiker discovered the remains and clothing ten days ago near a creek in the redwoods open space preserve. investigators now say the man was 54 to 64 years old. he was wearing pants with a 54- inch waist and 30-inch inseam. and he had size 12 nike air max moto sneakers. he appears to have been dead at least three years and they are checking missing persons reports. as rob roth tells us, it's not just fares that will cost more. >> reporter: these may be considered the good old days,
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that's because the b.a.r.t. board of directors voted to raise fares effective new year's day 2014. that means a ride from hayward to downtown san francisco $4.64 will go up a quarter to $4.85. >> that's ridiculous. >> it means one less cup of coffee a week, something like that. it's a good service. and good services have a cost that go with it. >> reporter: b.a.r.t. directors say the increase will bring in an addition $17 million a year and is necessary to keep up with inflation. >> we haven't been investing enough to keep the system in a state of good repair. we haven't been investing enough to make sure we have the capacity for the new riders, the focus has been very much extensions. >> reporter: the b.a.r.t. board also voted to start charging $1 a day for the remaining free parking lots as soon as april. those include, north concord, concord, hayward, the richmond
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coliseum, glen park and san francisco. this hay woárd woman says she is not happy about the change. >> you're going to drive people to drive despite the higher gas prices -- this hayward woman says she is not happy about the change. commuters who drive are also going to drive more and in 12 minutes we'll have the increase in the state gas tax approved just today. several bay area cities have lost the latest round in their court battle to keep california's high speed rail system off the peninsula. between san francisco and san jose. the city's of palo alto and menlo park filed suit alleging environmental harm. now a sacramento judge has dismissed their case ruling the rail authority is not violating environmental laws. there are new warnings to warnings tonight about the
10:29 pm
possible closure of the doctors hospital center of san pa blow. and hospital officials say they are quickly running out of cash. city leaders say they plan to take a poll to see if voters might support a new parcel tax. the hospital says it is combining new operations and layiying off 22 employees to reduce costs. we'll show you who's getting these no parking notices and why. >> and we are continuing to watch this fire burning out of control in southern california. we will have an up day-to-day for you on just how big -- we will have an update for you on just how big it's getting tonight.
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a garbage truck burst into flames in antioch after it ran into power lines. the driver was lowering his
10:32 pm
front dump bin when it got snagged on some power lines. power crews told the driver to stay inside the vehicle but he jumped out would -- jumped out without injury. some homes were briefly evacuated but the fire was contained to that garbage truck. starting tomorrow, it is going to be illegal to park certain large vehicles overnight on designated streets in san francisco. this is a crack down that follows years of nuisance complaints about people living in their rvs and their campers. some say it's about time. but others are saying this is just targeting those in need. amber-- >> reporter: frank, we've counted half a dozen vehicles like this one parked in the neighborhood. officers say they have posted these notices to let the owners know that it is no longer legal to park these vehicles.
10:33 pm
>> some of them will move along, others will remain here. >> reporter: homeowner hewey says folks living in their vehicles cause a problem. >> if you're defecating out on the street it's a health issue. who's going to pick it up. >> reporter: the problem is o cussing in various neighbors in -- is occurring in various neighbors in san francisco. enforcement starts april 1st when signs go up. starting may 1, violators will be sited and the vehicles will be towed. >> i have a place to have my clean clothing. >> reporter: city leaders say they are offering to store the large vehicles in exchange for an agreement to go into temporary housing. opponents say the ban targeting the down and out. >> elderly people, we have people who are holding on to jobs and able to do so while they're living in their vehicles. >> reporter: but the parking ban is also aimed at those who
10:34 pm
use city streets to store their vehicles. >> come on, enough is enough. >> reporter: council member malia cohen says that it's time to clean up city streets. live in san francisco, amber lee, ktvu channel 2 news. happening now we want to take you back to southern california where this fire is still burning out of control. these are live pictures right now from river side county. you can see the large flames right there. right now the wildfire has grown to 150 acres. but firefighters say they are making progress because the winds are dying down. earlier tonight, the flames burned close to homes in regional park. the fire is only about 20% contained at this hour. in the month since the newtown connecticut school
10:35 pm
shooting we have heard about a number of gun buy backs. now we're learning what happens to those weaponless. ktvu was able to follow the weapons where they will be melted down. in this case, they will be made into pipes that feed into hydrants. >> we pick up the scraps and put it into the melting furnace. >> the guns were run through a data base before they were sent to the recycler. one gun was found to be stolen, it will be returned to its owner the next gun buy back
10:36 pm
event will be march 16, 10:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. f35s were grounded after a crack was found in the turbine blade. the crack was caused by a prolonged exposure to heat. a bill to renew the women's act was renewed today. >> there's never, never, hear me now. never a justification for a man to strike a woman for any reason other than self-defense and serious self-defense. >> the legislation provides support for programs such as shelters of domestic and sexual
10:37 pm
abuse. it stiffness federal sentences for stalking. the president says he intends to sign it into law. a 21-year-old woman made up a story about being raped on campus and now may face charges. the woman claims she was attacked along a campus footpath on february 17th. however investigators determined that she lied. they say she acknowledged it just in the past 24 hours. the woman is not a student at the school. campus police say they have sent the case -- they have sent the case to county prosecutors to decide if she will be charged. in news of the world tonight in rome, new secretary of state perry announced a new package for fighters. the announcement came during a friends of syria conference that are demanding assad step down. in south africa an amateur
10:38 pm
video has shocked the nation and raised concerns about police conduct. what you're seeing here is uniformed police tieing a taxi driver to the back of a police van and then dragging him. the man was later found dead in a police cell. south africa has one of the highest crime rates in the world and there are frequent reports of crimes being committed by officers. in korea, north korea, former nba star rodman told kim ung he has a friend for life. the two sat together to watch the globe trotters. rodman is the highest profile american to meet with kim ung un since he took power two years ago. group on pulls the plug on his ceo and signal -- signals a new direction. >> plus, the state of california is about to ask for more of your money at the gas
10:39 pm
pump. and chief meteorologist bill martin working on his extended forecast. he's back when we may see more rain. and a popular condiment made a mess of the highway. how crews cleaned it up.
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interstate 80 in reno turned red today but luckily it was just ketchup. a big rig carrying thousands of bottles of heinz ketchup swerved to avoid another vehicle and hit the median. authorities describe the scene as red everywhere. no one was hurt. the state tax on gasoline is going up and it comes at a time when many californian drivers say they can at least afford it. a state board says it's
10:42 pm
required to implement the increase. >> i'm trying to get every last drop. >> reporter: each drop is getting more expensive for will hennessey. and he's not the only bay area commuter that is fed up. >> i want to get out of california. >> reporter: really. >> i don't like the gas prices. >> reporter: by a 3-2 vote the board of equalization approved a 3-1/2 cent increase on gas. a move they say they were required to make by law. everyone though some are trying to get out of backlash. >> what happens if the board of equalization decides to violate the law. >> the statute doesn't provide for what the consequence would be. so-- but it would be a clear violation of the law. >> reporter: a lot of money being spent at the pump is already goes to the government. come july the rate will go up to 70.6 centss topping new york
10:43 pm
for highest in the nation -- 70.6cents. >> reporter: even gas stations owners say the price is already squeezing them. if state revenues fall short, drivers worry there could be another tax hike down the road. in emeryville, eric rasmussen, ktvu channel 2 news. cal osha says chevron has appealed 25 of 27 violations following last month's fire. chevron told us today it will make the repairs. on wall street today the markets took a little breather
10:44 pm
after experiencing some big price swings monday, tuesday and wednesday. the dow ended 20 points lower after being up for most of the day. the nasdaq was also down two today. both the dow and nasdaq were higher for the month of february. the online site group on fired their ceo today. it offered a weak outlook for the current quarter. group on stock fell 34% on the news. the 32-year-old fired ceo andrew mason said he is accountable and that the company deserves to have a new leader. internet radio service pandora is imposing a 40 hour a week. it's experiencing some explosive customer growth which means higher royalty cost for the country. and it needs to let advertising catch up. it's a space mission to
10:45 pm
save earth. what people can learn by hitting the baby asteroid. the change in temperatures you can expect in your complete bay area forecast. >> another last ditch effort to keep the sacramento kings in california. the potential buyer and the proposal for a new arena. oh, the lights came on. isn't technology supposed to make life easier? at chase we're pioneering innovations that make banking simple. deposit a check with a photo. pay someone with an email. and bank seamlessly with our award-winning mobile app. take a step forward... and chase what matters.
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sacramento mayor kevin johnson announced a counter offer to keep the king's basketball team from moving to seattle. >> i am proud to announce that tomorrow the mark mastroff team will introduce a bid to the nba and the maloofs to keep our kings in sacramento. >> reporter: johnson said grocery billionaire bill merkel and others have also signed on to help build a new arena.
10:48 pm
the bid will go against the seattle bid. scientists plan to ram an asteroid to see if they can deflect it off course. some asteroids are called city killers and why our city and state might be more vulnerable than thought. >> reporter: as the u.s. and europe announce a new mission planned nine years from now to a double asteroid like this to see if it were a threat if they could manipulate it. a spacecraft would hit the smaller of the two. >> others make come close to earth so even if earth in the future. >> reporter: the bigger one is almost the size of mount
10:49 pm
diablo. astronomers today tell us they've been watching space for 15 years to see if any asteroids would come close to hitting the earth. and they found 19 of them. >> none of the 19 are going to hit us. the first thing you would see is a flash in the sky. >> reporter: as it did in russia. morrisson education -- estimates there are a million of them. >> we need to find them, estimate the effect they would have on the united states. >> reporter: mountain view base plans a private telescope that could track the million city killers. the sentinel could be ready in 12 years, they hope it's in
10:50 pm
time. john fowler, ktvu news. doctors showed us a new device that can warn patients before a heart attack strikes. doctors in concord showed us the cardiac monitor. the device is still in a clinical trial which is expected to continue for about a year. the ceo of boeing met with japanese officials today to discuss the company's troubled 787 dream liner. ray conner presented boeing's plan to fix its lithium batteries. and that has led to the grounding of the jet's worldwide. boeing ceo continues to say he hopes to get those planes back in the air soon. you have to check this out. federal regulators are investigating a harlem shake video that was filmed on an airplane during a flight to san
10:51 pm
diego. >> that's going on during the flight. members of the colorado college frisbee team put it together and it has now gone viral. the organizer said they did ask everyone on board and no one objected. airline officials say safety measures were followed. we've been talking about that coastal fog today. here's a live picture. it's coming down from twin peaks. look how dense the fog is. see how dense the fog is. imagine what it looks like on the other side out on the sunset district. it's really dense, it's really foggy and the visibilities tomorrow are going to be low. the high pressure building in is compressing that fog. we were warm today. we were warming tomorrow expect at the coast. so that what i'm trying to make here the point is. as you travel along the great
10:52 pm
highway tomorrow visibilities will be reduced. we saw it with the live camera shot of the fog being pinched down. there's the rain, it's north. this fire hose or the jet stream is pointing north. it was pointing our way but it's not. that means we have a dry couple of days. as we get into next week, we might get a chance and the models show that. tomorrow warmest day of the week. friday. the weekend nice but a few clouds and temperatures are going to trend down. so here's how it goes. we have the high pressure and that's allowing the air to sink and the fog is forming. it also allows the fog the form. when the air sinks, it warms. as it rises it cools tomorrow the air is sinking and it warms. we get numbers in the 70s, even mid-70s in the bay area
10:53 pm
locations. that's your tomorrow forecast. air will quit sinking. here we are friday afternoon. you see greens and yellows or oranges, or greens that's green and blue are the rain areas. some clouds come in, a weak front. weekend looks good but cooler. here's what i'm tracking right here. see this. monday afternoon. boom right there. wednesday looks like we have a real weather system coming here. we need that. there's a little behind it that wants to tweak through. it's some optimism because it didn't look like we were going to get much of everything. in the meantime let's look forward to your weekend or your friday. these are your forecast highs. early march and it feels like early may. early april. >> nice and warm. >> 65 out on the coast. >> the five day forecast, mid- 70s in many bay area locations. hopefully rain next week. >> we'll enjoy the warm while we have it. >> thanks bill.
10:54 pm
>> thanks bill. the cal bears winning streak, it's on the line at home and mark is next with the outcome as the bears prepare for a possible run in march madness. >> and get ktvu news to go. just download the ktvu app and you can watch our newscasts live right on your mobile device. [ woman ] my boyfriend and i were going on vacation,
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shark fans another bad night. >> one in a string. it's a shorter season because of labor problems but it's seeming real long right now for the sharks. power play situation, regulation, overtime shoot out. it doesn't matter they just cannot score. it looks like a team that is in need of a shake up to say the least. anything but dynamic right now. zero scoring into the third with logan couture unleashing a laser from the side. 1-0 his eighth of the year. but detroit, less than a minute later ties it. and boil was denied. detroit owns it. detroit lost eight of 12 in february. happen -- happy to see it go.
10:58 pm
and it's not about the season it's all about when you peak. really in the first half, richard solomon slams. the beat goes on. he is the pac12 leading scorer. 15 points 11 rebounds no need to push him. he looked good. 56-46 better than utah. also in the court locally, santa clara cruised to victory. cole dickerson in that one good for 24 points and 14 rebounds. everything good for stanford women. bonny samuelson for the cardinals hit 23 in the space of 15 minutes. and agumicque 24 points, 13 rebounds, easy for her. in tight, easy pickings.
10:59 pm
cal got the title. at state. either one of those two employee cals would wind up on top. when it comes to pitching the a's are armed and dangerous. plenty to shoot from there but only one guy can get the pace. in the cactus league that would be the lefty. bret anderson two scoreless innings gave up only one hit. the reeves coming off elbow surgery last year. he still won five. he gets the nod for the offense. that's the young catcher. norris over and out on to the picnic area out there. 2-1 but the cubs take it 5-3 and the giants are winless in their last five. their opening day pitcher cain got roughed up as they lose to the mariners. that's the sporting life for tonight though. >> about a month from the opening. >> yeah, april 1st for the a's. giants right there too. >> thanks, mark. >> thank you, mark. thank you for trusting ktv you n

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